NAWE is the UK Subject Association for Creative Writing.  NAWE is now using Submittable for all event and publication proposals and subsequent correspondence. Please register in order to proceed with your submission. 

Important: please click on 'Show Guidelines' within the relevant box and read the guidelines in full before making your submission.

Please submit a brief proposal (150-200 words) for consideration. Proposals will go out for peer review and submissions will be selected based on appropriateness for WiE and any theme for an upcoming issue. The Editor will decide which edition an accepted submission will be published in.

Length of contribution? 1000 - 2000 words

Who can contribute? Contributions to Writing in Education are for members only, therefore contributors will need a link to NAWE. Students might be studying at an institute that has NAWE institutional membership, or are recommended by a NAWE member.

Please state in your submission your institution (if it has NAWE institutional membership) or the NAWE member who is recommending you.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified via Submittable. Papers can then be emailed directly to the publications email address.

The standard submission guidelines for Writing in Education apply (apart from length):

Submissions for Volume 9 are currently invited, with a deadline of Midnight (GMT) 5th September 2022.

We are looking for articles that explore the art of imaginative writing of all kinds, from an authorial perspective, highlighting and evolving current academic thinking and practice. Creative Writing itself is welcomed when integral to an article. We are looking for academically rigorous research into creative writing, appropriately referenced and engagingly written.  We are happy to receive articles that reflect on practice and process, explore writing research in interdisciplinary contexts, engage in critical analysis of writing pedagogy, explore cultural and global challenges such as diversity and inclusion and ecological sustainability through creative writing.

Submissions should be in the region of 4000–10,000 words, and include an abstract of up to 200 words. A biographical note of up to 200 words should be provided via Submittable, but not included in the document that is the submitted article. All submissions will be peer reviewed, with feedback given by March 2023. A document giving full submission guidelines, together with a style guide, is available at:

 Please note: submissions that ignore these guidelines may not be considered.


Submissions to issue number 70 are currently invited, with a deadline of 5pm (GMT), 1 June 2016. We are looking for articles that explore the work undertaken by writers in educational contexts. Detailed, in-depth reflection is most valuable. Creative Writing itself is welcomed when integral to an article. 

Submissions should be in the region of 2000—4000 words, though shorter or longer articles may be accepted as appropriate.

Please ensure that you have read the submission guidelines, available at:

Submissions that ignore these guidelines may be dismissed.
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