NAWE is the UK Subject Association for Creative Writing.  NAWE is now using Submittable for all event and publication proposals and subsequent correspondence. Please register in order to proceed with your submission. 

Important: please click on 'Show Guidelines' within the relevant box and read the guidelines in full before making your submission.

Please submit a brief proposal (150-200 words) for consideration. Proposals will go out for peer review and submissions will be selected based on appropriateness for WiE and any theme for an upcoming issue. The Editor will decide which edition an accepted submission will be published in.

Length of contribution? 1000 - 2000 words

Who can contribute? Contributions to Writing in Education are for members only, therefore contributors will need a link to NAWE. Students might be studying at an institute that has NAWE institutional membership, or are recommended by a NAWE member.

Please state in your submission your institution (if it has NAWE institutional membership) or the NAWE member who is recommending you.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified via Submittable. Papers can then be emailed directly to the publications email address.

The standard submission guidelines for Writing in Education apply (apart from length):

Submissions open until Monday 4th April

We invite NAWE members to write on the subject of creative writing in education - in schools, adult education and community settings. We encourage you to think broadly on this topic and address any issue relating to the development of a space for creative writing in the education system. Please note, it is developmental work that we wish to highlight, not self-promotion. It may be useful to think about the kinds of articles most useful to your teaching and practice.

Please ensure that you have read the submission guidelines, available at:

Submissions that ignore these guidelines may be dismissed.

National Association of Writers in Education